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What’s our story?

A holistic and healthy, yet comfortingly simple approach to Australian cafe culture in the heart of Notting Hill. Farm Girl values fresh, nutritionally nurturing ingredients and delivers them in a warm and welcoming environment.

The original Farm Girl, Rose’s childhood spent on an Australian farm means she’s hardier than she looks and appreciates simple country living just as much as the slick-city life she now enjoys in London.

Anthony Hood (aka Farm Boy) shares the Farm Girl appreciation for an outdoor, activity-filled lifestyle. Having grown up surrounded by Swiss snow capped peaks, he loves an alpine adventure; although these days, a Sunday stroll with canine companions is equally as good.

Channelling his culinary creativity straight into the Farm Girl Kitchen, Benoit Marmoiton ensures our menu is every bit as delicious as it is nourishing. Having worked as a private chef for many years, travelling the world and experimenting with international cuisines, he specialises in delivering healthy dishes without compromising on taste.

words by Holly Moore