London Coffee Festival 2017

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Over the weekend the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane saw over 30,000 coffee snobs, hipsters and nerds from across the UK, Europe and the World congregate for the annual London Coffee Festival. The festival was all about pop ups, parties, food pairing and of course COFFEE! All the things we are crazy about! Farm Girl was there amongst the action with our friends on the La Marzaocco’s True Artisan Café bar.
We were there making (of course) our fave Rose Lattes but we also decided to get into the party fever and combine forces with our friends at Yaguara Cachaca, Rude Health and all round legends, The Roasting Party to create our version of a Rose Espresso Martini. Just when you thought our Rose Lattes couldn’t get any better!
It was a great weekend all around with an awesome display of the incredible coffee and cafe industry London has on offer. We were so stoked to be apart of it and can’t wait to see what next year has to offer!
(Photo credit: James Bryant)


Natural whole food supplements for weight management and wellbeing.

Both Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advanced will make you feel full and keep you full (Glucomannan and Alginate from kelp), boost metabolism (kelp), and provides a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes for complete wellness.

Boosts energy, reduces fatigue, aids the immune system, helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helps balances pH, strengthens hair, nails, skin and teeth.

Kelp Me Advanced contains a very special brown seaweed ID-aIG (kelp) extract that restricts the amount of fat and carbs absorbed and also includes a 20% boost on all the main ingredients.

They both taste like cinnamon and TWO of the scoops provided (misprint on the label which says one scoop) can be mixed into juice (a little apple juice and water makes it taste like Christmas!), smoothies or yoghurt and should be drunk with 250ml of water.

Gluten free, vegetarian, no GMO, Kosher, Non animal tested. not vegan…. yet! (it contains vitamin D3 which doesn’t come from a vegan source, this will be changed next batch to D2 so it’s vegan),

Available now to buy at Farm Girl cafe, prices starting from £35.00

There is more information on the flyers provided in the cafe or on the website at



You KNEAD to try this!!!

We have started using an amazing London based artisan bakery, Beyond Bread to supply our GLUTEN FREE bread. What’s better is that the bakery is completely nutritionally focused & gluten free!

I bread your pardon?!

Bread in our diets is a controversial topic. While some nutritionists swear against consuming bread, we believe that including bread is vital in achieving a sustainable and balanced diet. Of course a lot of this depends on the quality of the ingredients, but fear not as Beyond Bread pride themselves using only 100% clean, high quality and naturally gluten free ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours and E numbers. Just wholesome, nourishing bread all of which has been lovingly hand made.

Gluten free diets came as a trend but it’s the health ramifications that encouraged the team at Beyond Bread to create a whole gluten free bakery. We feel very special to be one of a very select few that are supplied with their bread; but like them, we have a goal to fuel London tummies with only the best in delicious sustenance!

Together, let us toast, to great bread!
FG xx


seeded loaf - bright

Once you go black, you’ll never go back!

Here at farm girl we are firm believers of that. Once we invented and tried the Latte Black it’s been hard to go back to regular lattes and you’ll know why once you try it for yourself.

The new edition to our menu is a speciality drink comprised of activated charcoal, date syrup and steamed cashew milk. The Latte Black is a real tastebud pleaser but also as equally gut loving and nourishing. How you ask? The main ingredient, activated charcoal, is praised for its numerous health boosting properties such as removing toxins from our body that cause poor immune system function, increasing energy levels and mental function. It also helps hangovers and is anti-aging. Need we say more?

The cup of glorious goodness has a sweet subtle taste from the date syrup while the cashew milk ensures a creamy perfected finish. It makes for a disguised healthy treat that you will love but your tummy will love more!

Still haven’t convinced you to switch up your daily espresso? Ask for a shot of espresso in your Latte Black for the ultimate caffeine hit while still achieving the healing process of the activated charcoal.

FG xx



Could freekeh be the new SUPERGRAIN!?

We digged a little deeper into the background of this grain. Find out why we have added freekeh to our NEW MENU!

The name ‘freekeh’ means ‘to rub’ in Arabic and is an ancient grain accidentally found when a small village’s crops caught fire. To save as much of the food as they could, they started rubbing away the burned chaff. They discovered that the seeds inside were roasted and had a nice nutty & smoked flavour.

The early harvested grains, usually durum wheat or barley, contain lots of nutritional value such as fibre, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It also contains healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats!

Due to the high fibre content, it keeps you satisfied for longer, helps with digestion and weight control. It also contains prebiotics, which help fuel the probiotics. More and more studies show that a healthy gut is essential for a healthy body. It also has a low glycaemic index, meaning it controls your blood sugar levels and doesn’t spike your insulin. A great option to prevent or manage diabetes.

As it’s a wheat and not a seed, freekeh does contain gluten but has the same nutritional value as quinoa! Try it out and add it to the OVEN BAKED EGGS when ordering at Farm Girl!

FG x




As the days are getting colder and darker you can sense that Winter is on its way! I love those cold winter mornings, warming myself up with a tea or sipping on my coffee.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. Around 6508 people sleep on the streets in London every year. They don’t have the warmth and shelter needed during the cold winter months. That’s why Farm Girl wants to do something to help the homeless in our town.

During the months of November and December we will be supporting an amazing local charity called StreetSmart. It was founded in 1998 by William Sieghart and Mary-lou Sturridge, two ethically-minded London business people. They thought ‘as many people go out to eat in restaurants and celebrate the spirit of the holidays, wouldn’t it be great if we could harness just a little of that ‘good cheer’ and raise money for worthy charities at the same time people were enjoying a nice meal out?’.

At Farm Girl we totally agree! That’s why, along with many other restaurants in London, we will add £1 to each bill (this is ofcourse voluntarily) and the full amount will go to StreetSmart. The funds raised at the end of December will go to carefully selected charities. The projects funded are all aimed at getting people off the streets and back on their feet as well as providing the basic needs such as a bed, shower or a pair of shoes.

Who doesn’t want to give that little extra to the ones that need it most? We hope to raise a great amount for this beautiful charity! Are you in?

FG x




It was a Heartcore launch last month in our favourite part of town and Farm Girl was proud to be part of it!



The founder Jess Schuring believes in a well-rounded life of positivity and wellbeing. According to Jess, life is about how you feel and what brings you joy. Jess hopes that Heartcore is one of those things. Less than half a mile away from Farm Girl you will find the doors to Heartcore’s new gym on the corner of Ossington Street and Moscow Road.



It was an amazing launch, classes were fully booked and our Farm Girl snacks were gone in no time! That’s why you can now use the    ir opening offer of 10 sessions for a 100 pounds. They have some real HEARTCORE YOGA & SPINNING classes that make you push your boundaries, and sweat and connect your heart & soul.



After you have worked your butt off, come by Farm Girl and treat yourself with a well deserved breakfast & coffee!

FG x




Today it’s World Porridge Day and we have decided to do something extra. For every porridge sold, 50% will go to an amazing charity called Mary’s Meals. They provide meals to more than 1.1 million of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school. World Porridge Day celebrates the huge difference this daily mug of porridge makes to the lives of chronically hungry children.

Not only that, our chef Benoit Marmoiton is competing in Rude Health’s Porridge Championships on October 20th! One of his secret ingredients in his recipe? MILLET FLAKES!

These small grains are over 10.000 years old and have some amazing health benefits. Not only is millet gluten- and allergen-free, it also contains lots of antioxidants! It’s great for your digestive system, contains lots of fiber and is low in sugar. Not giving you those nasty blood sugar spikes. Besides that, its full of magnesium and healthy protein.

But all that goodness wouldn’t be as amazing if it wasn’t for taste that Benoit has given our lovely Farm Girl Porridge! Come and try it out for yourself and top it up with some lovely avocado, if you dare;)

FG x




You have probably heard before that carrots are good for your eyes, but have you ever wondered why that is the case? The colours of fruits & vegetables have their own unique health benefits. And the darker the colour of the fruit or vegetable, the more health benefits it contains!

So what does each specific colour do?

  • GREEN: Green veggie’s such as broccoli and kale contain Chlorophyll and Lutein, which help lower your risk of cancer and prevent problems with your vision. Other nutrients such as fiber, calcium, folate and vitamin C, help to aid digestions and boost your immune system.
  • RED: Red fruits and veggie’s such as tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit contain lycopene. It is well known for its ability to fight heart disease and some cancers.
  • BLUE-PURPLE: Blueberries, purple grapes and red beets contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have antioxidant properties that help limit damaged cells caused by free radicals and may also lower your risk of heart disease, memory problems and urinary tract infections.
  • ORANGE-YELLOW: These fruits and veggies are known for containing α- and β-carotene and flavonoids. These nutrients found in carrots, mango and pumpkins slow the aging process, help to alkalize the body and, improve the immune function and vision.
  • WHITE: Although not a colourful colour, it’s very much needed on your plate. The white colour found in garlic or cauliflower, comes from the polyphenols which have great antioxidant properties. These nutrients help balance hormone levels and fight cancer.

Not only does it make your plate look amazing, the brightness of the coloured fruits & vegetables are great for your body. So how do you know what colour to eat? By taking in all the colours of the rainbow you can get the best all-round health benefits!

At Farm Girl we provide you with all different coloured fruits & vegetables in our dishes. Such as our lovely avocado on toast and our brightly coloured pitaya or fruit bowl! Come and enjoy!

FG x





It seems like the warm summer days in London have not yet passed. It’s great to catch those last summer rays and get that healthy looking glow. How to keep that glowing skin? HYDRATE! Everyone knows how important it is to keep hydrated, still 90% of all people are slightly dehydrated throughout the day.

Drinking water makes your body happy! It helps carry around healthy nutrients and promotes organ function. At the same time, it flushes out the ugly toxins. This lowers your risk of cancer, improves digestion, softens your skin texture and slows your natural aging process!

So what happens when your body starts to dehydrate?

Your body will give you immediate signs such as a dry mouth, headache, fatigue, dizziness and even disorientation. Another big sign is hunger cravings! It is hard for our body to tell the difference between hunger and thirst. So next time you have odd cravings, drink a large glass of water and see how you feel. Still hungry? Then make yourself a nourishing dish!

How much water is needed?

Just like anything else, it varies for each person and their lifestyle. Just keep a look out for the signs of dehydration and intuitively feel how much water you need to stay fit and healthy! When you have a active day, do intense sports or it’s thirty degrees outside, then you will naturally know to drink a little extra.

When to hydrate?

The best thing is to prevent dehydration. After you wake up your body is already dehydrated from your night’s sleep. That is why I drink 750ml of water every morning, squeezing in some fresh lime to alkalize my body and have it going for the day.
Do you find yourself wobbling towards the bathroom during the night? Try drinking more water in the earlier hours of the day and less in the evening. Last thing you want is to disturb your precious sleep as it restores your entire body, ready to take on another full day!

Finally, watch out for caffeinated drinks such as your daily coffee and teas. Although containing water, these drinks dehydrate your body. So next time, hydrate before you caffeinate! At Farm Girl we find health important and that’s why we serve water with fresh cucumber on every table, grab as much as you like!

FG x