Sweaty Betty x Farm Girl


What do you get when you mix one of the most successful fitness fashion brands in the UK with the home of coconut bacon, French bulldogs and rose lattes? The answer can be found on 1 Carnaby Street, Soho. The brand spanking new Sweaty Betty flagship store introduces a world of fitness, fashion and wellness! Farm Girl has teamed up with Sweaty Betty to create a healthy cafe within the new incredible space.


Think bright, colourful iconic Sweaty Betty leggings with matching blue smoothie bowl – it’s an instagrammers dream! You can make a whole DAY out of the new Sweaty Betty experience. Start off with a class in the new state of the art yoga studio (of course decked out in the latest fitness fashion wear), replenish at Farm Girl with a protein smoothie, acai bowl or superfood salad (just some of the many options!!) and finally, rejuvenate at Duck & Dry hair salon with a green cocktail in hand – yes we will be serving some cheeky alcoholic drinks! Balance is key and with this rad collaboration you literally get the best of everything in life, a mixture of fashion, working out, healthy eating and fun!


We can’t wait to share more details as we come closer to opening, stay tuned and get pumped!


FG x




Vegan Pork – Huh??

Jackfruit! – the inconspicuous fruit changing the culinary world forever! While you may have not been game enough to try it yet, you’ve definitely heard about it, if not, what rock are you hiding under?? It’s kind of a big deal… quite literally being the largest tree-borne fruit in the world! Jackfruit is becoming a highly sought after commodity to everyday eating being such a versatile fruit.

Jackfruit, typically grown in India, South East Asia, East Africa and parts of the Caribbean, can be consumed in two maturity stages – young or fully ripe, which offer contrasting uses. The young jackfruit gives a neutral taste and stringy consistency, while ripened jackfruit has the texture of a ripe banana and is sweeter. Along with its culinary versatility, jackfruit is a very economical and environmentally sustainable fruit. It is a drought-resistant, high-yield crop that provides substantial income to local farmers, who, up until recently, had no real means of monetizing the jackfruit already growing abundantly on their land. The wood of the jackfruit tree is used for furniture and even musical instruments.

The young jackfruit has rapidly risen to fame due to having the ability to closely imitate pulled pork which is how it’s weaved its way into vegan cooking as a meat substitute in dishes such as tacos, burritos, curries and stir-fries. While not as revolutionary as the young jackfruit, the ripened jackfruit is used to make desserts, snacks and can be eaten raw. Jackfruit is naturally vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO, while also being low in calories and an excellent source of fiber. Unlike animal sources of protein, jackfruit contains no saturated fat or cholesterol! The list is endless! It is harvested and eaten the way nature intended, without any added preservatives or fillers.

The jackfruit tree certainly makes for happy tummies and a happy planet! Try it at Farm Girl in the Jack Wrap! BBQ pulled jackfruit, cabbage, greek yoghurt (or cashew cream to vegan-ise it), tomatoes & lettuce, rolled in a sweet potato wrap with a side green salad – perfect!






Good Health Begins In The Gut

The kombucha craze has hit London hard! Everyone is jumping on board the thirst quencher, which is actually simply fermented black or green tea! When tea is combined with sugar, it starts a fermentation process using a SCOBY [symbolic colony of bacteria and yeast]. This is what gives it the unique spritely taste.

Surprisingly, kombucha tea originates back 2,000 years ago in the Far East! The longevity of kombucha must stand for some legitimacy if still, to this day, it serves as an ‘Immortal Elixir of Life’. While it does function as a refreshment, its’ original intent is delivering health benefits such as improved digestion, increased energy, weight loss and detoxification.

In the café, we supply amazing products from Kombucha Kat. They are an awesome company who brew their own organic craft Kombucha tea in Oxfordshire. Whether it is a legitimate health panacea or yet another fad, you’re going to love it!

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Just when we thought coconut water couldn’t get any better, Jax Coco release a SPARKLING coconut water range. We are hard-core diggin’ the balmy Raspberry and refreshing Ginger & Lemon flavours.

Coconut water is hands down our go to drink whether it be post workout or hangover cure, we count on coconut water to replenish our tastebuds (and electrolytes!). The new range from Jax Coco not only appeals to our tastebuds but the gorgeous glass bottles make it equally aesthetically pleasing. Subsequently, even if you’re not the biggest coconut water fan you’re still going to want to get your hands on a bottle for those all-important insta snaps!

Now serving at Farm Girl for your enjoyment!

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Grenfell Tower Fire Heroes

In the wake of the June 14th Grenfell Tower Fire, we mourn the tragedies that have occurred, the heartbreaking loss of life and as we become more aware of the timeline of the fire – how avoidable this disaster was. But in light of such heartbreak and catastrophe one thing that we can be grateful for is the heroes on that frightful night.

The aftermath of the fire has seen a lot of blame and anger towards building safety and faulty white goods; but at a time so sensitive our emphasis and recognition should be devoted to the heroes who risked their own lives to save others. The death of a feared 100 innocent men, women and children is devastating; but without the courageous efforts of the firefighters we would be mourning the loss of more lives. As a result of charging into the thick and black smoke, the firefighters suffered visual impairment and breathing difficulties.

We owe it to them – if it wasn’t for their bravery and heroism the tower fire would have claimed more lives. We want to thank the firefighters for reiterating the strength of our community. As the surviving victims of the tower fire ran out, the firefighters marched in fearlessly.


At Farm Girl we are still accepting monetary contributions that will be directly donated to victims families.

[Picture: AP: Associated Press VIA The Sun News]

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High Health


First things first – hemp is totally legal; and although it is commonly confused with the marijuana plant, they have (very) different uses and purposes. You have most likely heard of hemp, but did you know it is pretty much an underdog when talking of the superfood spectrum. Hemp carries a host of amazing healing properties that supports the immune system and promotes and increases overall health and wellbeing; additionally, it is actually a major economic importance. It grows like a weed but can be used in so many ways including the production of food, textiles, paper, plastic and construction material!


The guys at Australian Primary Hemp have crafted two amazing products using organic and locally sourced hemp from Western Victoria (Australia) to formulate a hemp protein powder and oil.


The powder supplement is high in bioavailable protein that encourages muscle growth, healthy skin and hair and increases energy levels. It’s proven to have the same protein values of lamb or beef so for vegetarians and vegans, hemp is a great source of protein! The protein powder is a hypoallergenic, raw wholefood made solely from the one ingredient being hemp and contains all its nature fibre so once consumed it works as a natural appetite suppressant which will make you feel fuller for longer. The protein can be used for baking, in smoothies (our favourite) or sprinkled over porridge/cereal. Its’ complete amino acid profile will make your tummy love you and also give you energy to last the day, curb sugar cravings and increase the body’s fat burning potential. Winning!


The second product the Australian Primary Hemp team have created is a Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. The oil retains all the rich, nutty flavour, aroma and nutritional value of the source hemp seed which makes it perfect for drizzling over salads, in sauces, dips, shakes and even for skin care.

Check out their website for further information and/or to purchase.




London Coffee Festival 2017

x Farm Girl _A534044 PREVIEW
Over the weekend the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane saw over 30,000 coffee snobs, hipsters and nerds from across the UK, Europe and the World congregate for the annual London Coffee Festival. The festival was all about pop ups, parties, food pairing and of course COFFEE! All the things we are crazy about! Farm Girl was there amongst the action with our friends on the La Marzaocco’s True Artisan Café bar.
We were there making (of course) our fave Rose Lattes but we also decided to get into the party fever and combine forces with our friends at Yaguara Cachaca, Rude Health and all round legends, The Roasting Party to create our version of a Rose Espresso Martini. Just when you thought our Rose Lattes couldn’t get any better!
It was a great weekend all around with an awesome display of the incredible coffee and cafe industry London has on offer. We were so stoked to be apart of it and can’t wait to see what next year has to offer!
(Photo credit: James Bryant)


Natural whole food supplements for weight management and wellbeing.

Both Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advanced will make you feel full and keep you full (Glucomannan and Alginate from kelp), boost metabolism (kelp), and provides a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes for complete wellness.

Boosts energy, reduces fatigue, aids the immune system, helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helps balances pH, strengthens hair, nails, skin and teeth.

Kelp Me Advanced contains a very special brown seaweed ID-aIG (kelp) extract that restricts the amount of fat and carbs absorbed and also includes a 20% boost on all the main ingredients.

They both taste like cinnamon and TWO of the scoops provided (misprint on the label which says one scoop) can be mixed into juice (a little apple juice and water makes it taste like Christmas!), smoothies or yoghurt and should be drunk with 250ml of water.

Gluten free, vegetarian, no GMO, Kosher, Non animal tested. not vegan…. yet! (it contains vitamin D3 which doesn’t come from a vegan source, this will be changed next batch to D2 so it’s vegan),

Available now to buy at Farm Girl cafe, prices starting from £35.00

There is more information on the flyers provided in the cafe or on the website at www.kelpme.co.uk