G’day London. Founded in Notting Hill in 2015, Farm Girl is a diverse group of health-focused cafes & restaurants in London. We serve holistic, fresh food & damn good coffee, Aussie style. Our interiors are cool, our service is spot on & the food is so good looking, it’s been photographed more than Kate Moss.

The first Farm Girl was born when Aussie girl, Rose Hood, stepped off the farm & into West London. Confronted with a very disappointing choice of healthy food options & great coffee, she set out to create what would soon become one of London’s best brunch cafes.

Farm Girl was born with the simple aim of serving London’s best healthy food & coffee all under one very stylish roof. Today, Farm Girl has grown to become one of the most unique & recognisable hospitality brands in London. We can’t wait to see you in Farm Girl.


We invented the Rose Latte.

Coupling the best coffee supplier by The Roasting Party, with an all-round holistic ingredient, the Rose Latte is a staple across Farm Girl Cafes.

It isn’t exactly a new discovery either; Cleopatra was said to have used Rose Water for its healing and beautifying powers – however Farm Girl is the first to introduce coffee into the mix! You also must try our Lavender latte.