These are the standard terms of both external and internal events for Farm Girl Ltd, 26 St Luke’s Mews, London, W11 1DF and all work undertaken by Farm Girl shall be on these terms unless confirmed in writing and agreed to by both parties prior to the event. These Terms and Conditions enclose the agreement between all parties in its entirety and therefore overrides any previous proposals and agreements both oral and written.

a) Supplier of Services (Farm Girl)

b) The Receiver of Services (The Client)

1. Event Booking Details

All bookings will be regarded as provisional until the agreed non-refundable deposit has been received and Terms and Conditions have been signed.

2. Price & Payment

2.1 All prices quoted by Farm Girl are subject to revision on agreement with the Client where the Client has noted any oversights or where circumstances within the reasonable control of Farm Girl have made significant changes to the event.

2.2 A deposit of 50% of the total fee payable (including VAT) is owed on confirmation of the booking and must be paid two weeks prior to the event. The remaining 50% is the balance owed to Farm Girl after the event.

2.3 Any invoice queries must be notified to Farm Girl in writing by the Client within 10 working days of the date of the invoice receipt. Failure to do this will render the full invoice payable on the due date.

2.4 Any representatives of the Client confirming the booking are fully responsible for informing all relevant parties of Farm Girl’s payment terms.

2.5 The remaining balance in full must be paid 14 days after the event.

2.6 Farm Girl will invoice The Client after the event, outlining how payment is to be delivered.

3. Cancellation

3.1 In the event of cancellation within two weeks of the event, the non-refundable deposit as mentioned in 2.2 is to be forfeited by the Client.

3.2 Any postponing of events will be considered as a cancelation and subject to our cancelation terms.

3.3 In the unlikely event of an emergency (within the reason Farm Girl’s reasonable control e.g. human error), Farm Girl reserves the right to cancel a booking with short notice. The Client will be fully refunded.

3.4 If the number of guests is dramatically reduced 2 weeks of the booking, Farm Girl reserves the right to charge 100% of the initial quote.

4. Cancellation due to Force Majeure

In the unlikely event of unforeseeable circumstances out of Farm Girl’s control such as: acts of God, strikes, accidents, lock outs, fires, breakdown of machinery, war etc.) Farm Girl will be not liable for any failure or delay to fulfil its responsibilities.

5. Liability for Damages

The client is liable to pay in full for any loss or damages to Farm Girl property and or equipment. Farm Girl and its staff are to accept no responsibility for any damage to Client property or Guests except in the event that damage is caused by negligence on the behalf of Farm Girl and its staff.